Located in Hollywood, California, Headcase Games has been burning the midnight oil since 2009 to deliver top-quality independent apps for mobile devices. A small crew borne of the traditional video game industry, many of our members have been involved in several high-profile products (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Alpha Protocol, Guitar Hero, Might and Magic, many others) before moving onto the independent scene.

Philosophically, we are extremely dedicated to creating small-but-packed experiences which aim to please the core of what gamers want, casual and hardcore alike - captivating experiences, attractive presentation, and overall unique and fun gameplay that's not just "more of the same" relative to what other developers are serving up.

Our most celebrated app 180 has been downloaded 750,000+ times and been featured on many platforms (Apple, Google Play, Nook, Amazon, others). Launched summer 2015, Blast Rover and JumpBurger are new to the scene and ready to make an impression as well!

With more great apps just around the corner, keep an eye on Headcase Games as we keep innovating and creating some of the most enjoyable on-the-go fun around.

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