Headcase People

 Ron Alpert
this guy right here!

Ben Ma
Co-founder of HCG and engineer for iFist and 180 iOS

Pauline Laciste
Made wonderful melodies for 180!

Ciji "Starslay3r"
 "Star" of 180!

Iced Lizard Games
Coder for Blast Rover

Alex programmed 180 for Android!

Coder for Trapdoor iOS

Sonic craftsman responsible for tunes in Blast Rover

Billy Hugs
Coding duties and co-design for JumpBurger

Paul Scarlata

animation for 180 Android


Omega Tomato
Retro Dreamer
Fancy Turnip
Your Daily Fill
The Data Skeptic
Drude Studios 
Tanuki Suit Riot 
Player One Podcast